Valencia Belle


Skillful Intention and Downstream Focus


What does your "net-net" vision of diversity and inclusion reflect for your organization ?


At the end of the day, when all the meetings have been concluded and trainings have been completed, do you truly feel intuitively that your organization's culture was transformed from accomodation to acceptance?

Does your gut tell you that members present were seen, heard and, most of all, understood ?

Can members of your organization use their "Academic Currency" to create and sustain a culture which fosters creativity and maximizes difference?

Is it safe to be "authentically you" where you live, work and play?

At the Obsidian Consulting Group, a division of the Belle Community Development Corporation, we believe in creating tangible change that is both measurable and relevant. We believe that individuals should not be held liable for system factor failings. Therefore, we address and uncover the true "roots" of system factor failings that often occasion the "weeds" of intolerance and bias within organizations as a neutral third party. 

Training in diversity and inclusion should be fostered by seasoned professionals who possess the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to occasion a more creative, inclusive environment - founded on the tenets of mutual respect and productive workforce etiquette.

Let us begin the conversations that must be had - to address the issues that must be discussed - to create the organization that you truly envision - an organization that will celebrate diversity and will remain viable from inclusively shared values and visions. 

Contact us today for your complimentary DAITIAN (Diversity and Inclusion Training Initial Assessment of Needs)